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BUY OUTSOURCING – PROCUREMENT CONSULTING, Lda, centres its B2B and final consumer services activities in the following two areas:

Consultoria / Procurement   Consulting / Procurement:

Consultancy, supply chain management / procurement, focusing on different sectors, namely construction and complementary activities, hospitality industry, acquisition of office supplies.

We aim to support informed decision making and cost reduction to our clients, through an extensive market analysis, subsequent comparative analysis of proposals and negotiation with suppliers.

Our approach allows us to provide a truly independent service to our clients, acting as their “own” procurement division.

Construção   Construction:

Construction and construction management of commercial and residential real estate, including real estate renovation.


With and extensive market knowledge, we base our action on true partnerships with our clients, and we are always committed to control / reduce their acquisition costs of goods and services.


BUY OUTSOURCING – PROCUREMENT CONSULTING, Lda adopts an ethical, transparent and reliable positioning in its relationship with both customers and partners, based on integrity, rigour and confidentiality.

We aim a constant improvement, which includes the focus on training and the establishment of the most appropriate partnerships.

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9050-019 Funchal